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What is the best Fridge or Fridge Freezer?

Author: Warren Butler

Date: July 17, 2018

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What is the best Fridge or Fridge Freezer for your home?  A fridge or fridge freezer is an essential part of the kitchen and you want one that suits your individual or family needs.  At Butlers Rentals we want to ensure that you get the right appliance for you so how do you decide which fridge or fridge freezer is best for you?

Asking the Right Questions

Before you look at price think about your requirements.  We have a handy checklist which will help to ensure you select the right fridge or fridge freezer for you.

Firstly, how much space do you need for fresh and frozen food?  How much space do you have in the kitchen?  If you are choosing a fridge-freezer, is frost-free important to you?  How many drawers or trays do you need?  Do you want a water dispenser and/or ice maker?  Do you have a colour preference?

Before making a recommendation we ask all these questions and help you make the right decision for you.  Contact our expert team on 01244 822144 and we’ll be happy to help.