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Too little or too much…or simply i-Dos

Author: Warren Butler

Date: October 22, 2018

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Do you know the right amount of detergent to use in your wash?  Would you check the instructions on the detergent package?  Do you think about the degree of soiling or the water hardness?  Do you consider the amount of laundry, the machine dimensions or the types of textiles you are washing?

If you answered no to some or all of those questions you wouldn’t be alone.  According to BSH consumer research up to 90% of people do not consider all the factors when putting washing detergent into their appliance.

Is getting it wrong so bad?  Experts argue that it is. 

Too much detergent can leave residue on clothing causing skin irritations and allergies.  It causes higher energy and water consumption leading to environmental implications.

Too little leads to poor washing results with stains being ‘burnt in’ and clothing becoming discoloured with that grey, shabby look.  It can even leave bad odours.

i-Dos Technology

The i-Dos Intelligent Dosing System can resolve all these issues.  This clever technology allows you to dose correctly to the nearest millilitre as it adjusts automatically according to a variety of parameters.  This easy to use system makes detergent and water savings allowing you to practice sustainability.

BSH claims that automatic dosing with i-Dos can create a potential average yearly water saving of 7062 litres of water which is the equivalent of 39 full baths. The company also claim it is also possible to save up to 11 litres of detergent over a 12-month period which can equate to a saving of £60 per year.

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