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The Best Oven for Christmas

Author: Warren Butler

Date: November 23, 2018

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The Christmas season is upon us and if you love to gather friends and family for a festive feast or you are a lover of Christmas baking then now is the time to update your oven with a shiny new rental appliance.  Here at Butlers Rentals we have a great range of top branded appliances to choose from.  If you are looking to update your oven read our tips on choosing the perfect model for you:

The right size

Before you start looking for your new oven get your tape measure out!  Always check the size of the space you have available for a cooker or oven.  You’ll also need space for good ventilation.  Speak to one of our team to find out all the dimensions you need when choosing your new rental appliance.


We measure the capacity of an oven in litres and you’ll be able to judge the perfect size of your oven by considering how much food you generally cook at the same time.  If you go for a larger oven it will give you more scope for times such as Christmas when you may be cooking for more people than usual.  It will also be a great help if you love baking or you have a big family.


Cleaning the oven has to be one of the least-loved jobs in the house!  Luckily most oven manufacturers know this and have developed cleaning systems.  Choose wisely and you can enjoy more cooking and use less elbow grease!

If you are looking to update your oven contact us at Butlers Rentals on 01244 822144.  We can give you expert advice and ensure you get the perfect oven for a perfect Christmas dinner!