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Make Life Simple and Rent a Washing Machine

Author: Warren Butler

Date: September 21, 2018

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Its back to school and the time of year when the washing machine is more important than ever.  There are all those muddy football and rugby kits to wash, soiled uniforms and the unrelenting stream of family laundry to contend with.  When the washing machine grinds to a halt so does family life.

At Butlers Rentals we’re finding more people are choosing to rent their washing machine, particularly those with young families.  A machine that is used every day can soon start to experience problems and this is where a rental washing machine can provide your family with the backup that it needs.

Reasons to Rent a Washing Machine:

Low up front-cost

No one can predict when your washing machine is going to breakdown and many families can benefit from choosing a rental appliance at a low monthly rental.  This avoids a large outlay to buy a washing machine and avoids the need to take out unnecessary credit.

Free, Reliable Repair Service

If something goes wrong, you are often faced with a hefty repair bill.  By renting this worry is taken away as at Butler Rentals servicing is free.  We don’t even charge a call out fee – even if your rental product is not faulty. Unlimited routine servicing including all parts and labour is included so you have nothing more to pay.

Free Breakdown and Replacement Cover

If we are unable to repair your rental item in your home, we will leave you with a loan product. If your repair is likely to take a long time, we will simply replace it for you with a like-for-like product. It’s all part of our rental service.

Speedy Response

If you call us before 10am Monday to Friday, one of our engineers will be with you the very same day so you’ll be up and running before you know it.

Freedom to Upgrade

Our minimum hire period is only 18 months so you are free to regularly upgrade to the latest technology.

For more information about renting appliances from Butlers Rentals and our latest range of washing machines contact our expert team on 01244 822144.