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It’s Time to Give Water a Second Thought

Author: Warren Butler

Date: October 15, 2018

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There has been a huge amount in the press recently about changes in the environment and how everyone can help reduce global warming by making changes to their lifestyles.  One of the biggest worries is the impact of water shortages as our consumption of this natural resource continues to grow.  In the UK agricultural groundwater levels are declining and this could lead to higher food prices and possible food shortages for the UK consumer in the short term.  In the long term the predicted impact of global warming paints a bleak picture.

Intelligent Water Management in Washing Machines

At the recent Global Climate Action Summit an action plan was presented that focussed not only on large industries becoming more environmentally-friendly but also offered recommendations for everyone.  The message was strong and clear – if everyone makes small changes the impact will be significant.

With that in mind there have been technological developments in washing machines which drastically cut down on the amount of water used in the washing cycle.  Bosch, Siemens and Neff offer washing machines with ActiveWater™ for Laundry which ensures not a single drop of water too much is used in the washing cycle.

These big names claim that, by swapping an 8 year old washing machine for a new appliance with this innovative water management technology, over 5 years, you could save enough water for 173 washes.  As well as helping to protect our planet, this water saving can only reduce your monthly outgoings if you have a water meter.

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