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Get the Most Out of Your Tumble Dryer

Author: Warren Butler

Date: October 31, 2018

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Autumn is definitely here with wet and blustery weather.  This is the time of year we find our customers start to use their tumble dryer with gusto.  To keep your rental tumble dryer working to full capacity we, at Butlers Rentals, are always on hand with our quick and professional repair service.

However, by following a few simple steps you can avoid the unsightly scene of drying washing hanging limply all over the house.  Follow our tips for a stress-free autumn:

Vented and condenser dryers:

Access the fluff filter and remove any trapped debris.  This can usually be located at the front of your appliance, just inside the door.  Use a vacuum cleaner nozzle to get rid of any fluff in the filter cavity.

Condenser dryers only:

With condenser dryers you will need to clean away fluff from the heat exchanger.  This is usually at the front of the machine.  For a thorough clean take the unit out and run under the tap on a monthly basis as a minimum.

Most condenser dryers collect condensed water in a container and will not function if this is full.  Regularly check and empty the container.

Other tips:

A tumble dryer will be much more effective when not overloaded.  The clothes need room to move in the drum.  If your washing machine has an 8kg capacity but your tumble dryer has only an 6kg capacity you may be overloading your tumble dryer.

Every appliance has its own specific maintenance instructions so download the relevant user manual for your appliance.  Remember we are always on hand to advise you on the latest tumble dryers in our range or to repair an appliance that has stopped working.  Contact us on 01244 822144 to speak to one of our helpful team.