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Enjoy the Quiet Life with Your Rental Washing Machine

Author: Warren Butler

Date: September 13, 2018

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The washing machine on its spin cycle can be extremely noisy but there is hope for people who enjoy a quieter life.  More of the big brands are developing technology to make this essential household appliance less of an annoyance.

If you have small children, like to run a washing cycle in the evening or have an open plan living space, a quieter model may suit you better.

Washing Machine Technology is Changing

The noise rating of a washing machine tends to be influenced by the quality of the machine.  Premium brands are investing in cutting edge technology such as quiet or brushless drive motors and anti-vibration systems which cut down on unnecessary noise.  Many models have new and improved water pumps which also reduce noise levels.

You can also influence noise levels by choosing the right size of washing machine.  A model that is too big for the space will vibrate against kitchen surrounds.

What is considered a quiet washing machine?

The noise level ratings of washing machines tend to fall between 40 and 80 decibels.  A washing machine below 50 decibels is a quiet model and is less likely to spoil your TV viewing or family time.  Our helpful charts will give you an idea of household noise levels and how some of the leading brands compare.

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