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Don’t Miss Your Christmas Favourites – Rent a TV Recorder

Author: Warren Butler

Date: December 5, 2018

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You may think that recording TV is no longer a necessity with catch-up TV however being able to record your favourite programmes keeps you firmly in control.  You won’t find the next episode of that exciting drama disappearing just as you get to the juicy bit and you can keep a much-loved favourite on your recorder for years.  Here at Butlers Rentals we have a fantastic range of rental recorders to choose from.

What features can you look out for?


Most recorders give you two or more receivers and as Christmas is looming you’ll be able to enjoy all those wonderful Christmas specials well into the New Year.

Hard-Drive Digital Recorders

This version of a recorder records into a hard disc drive and provide an excellent quality picture.  They are simple to use and index each recording on the disc.  You can select your programme from the electronic programme guide (EPG) and search recordings easily.  It does have a maximum capacity so check out its disc space.

DVD digital TV recorder

You can also choose a DVD recorder which has a digital TV tuner built in.  This records one programme whilst you watch another.  This style of recorder records onto DVD and you will enjoy a good quality picture.  Again programmes are indexed for easy searching.

If you need advice on choosing a TV recorder in time for the Christmas holidays speak to one of the team at Butlers Rentals on 01244 822144 to find out more.