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Choosing the Perfect Hob

Author: Warren Butler

Date: November 7, 2018

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At this time of year, you may well have had friends and family over for some hearty seasonal food while you watch the fireworks.  If you’ve found your cooker is lacking the cooking power you need, and with Christmas beckoning, we have the perfect guide on the different kitchen hobs available at Butlers Rentals.

Finding a Good Quality hob

When it comes to creating your favourite dishes a good quality kitchen hob is essential.  An electric hob is straight forward to keep pristine and will be the perfect addition to a stylish kitchen.  An induction hob takes no time to heat up and are a good choice if you have children and safety is important to you.

Ceramic hobs

These sleek hobs have a smart glass finish and will complement any chic kitchen.  Most models sport handy dial controls which enable you to select the accurate temperature for your culinary creations.  Once you have served up your latest masterpiece, the hob can be quickly wiped clean.

Induction hobs

An induction hob has electromagnets tucked away beneath the hob which cleverly heat up when an induction-friendly pan is placed on it.  Rather than heating up the hob itself, the induction hob heats only the contents of the pan.  This hob is exceptionally safe and will heat up your food quickly.  Different models have different functionalities such as boost modes for intense cooking or restart buttons so you can pause cooking to answer the door to your guests.

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