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Beat the Washing Pile with Our Top Maintenance Tips

Author: Warren Butler

Date: September 15, 2018

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At Butlers Rentals you are covered by free lifetime servicing for your washing machine when you rent your appliance from us.  However, there are ways you can limit call outs and ensure you have beautifully clean laundry if you follow our simple guidelines:

Monthly Maintenance Wash

On a monthly basis run an empty wash cycle at the highest temperature setting.  This particularly helpful if the machine is used a few times a week on 30° and 40° washing cycles.

Don’t Overload the Drum

In addition to adding unnecessary stress to your machine, an overloaded drum will prevent good cleaning results.  If the clothes can’t move freely in the washing machine your washing will not come out as clean as you would like.  Check the load recommendations for quick wash cycles too – often these work best on lighter loads.

Watch Your Detergent

Make sure you are using the right amount of washing detergent to get the best results.

Take Heed of Care Labels

Washing labels are there for a reason and should be followed.  There are some washing machines that have hand-wash cycle for delicate garments.  Ask our team for details.

Steady Your Machine

Make sure the washing machine is standing level.  Most machines move a little during the spin cycle so use the adjustable legs to keep it steady and stable.

Door Maintenance

Keep the door seal clean and remove any residue with a cloth.  Never slam the door as this could break the door latch.

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